Just Anime Network has created this policy to show that we have a commitment to privacy. The following parts of this document disclose the information gathering that we do and why it is done.

Auto Logged Information:

We automatically log your computers IP address to help diagnose problems with our site. The server software that we run automatically logs all of the computers that try and access the site. This information is kept private for employees of the Just Anime Network only.

Identifying Information:

Though we log IP addresses, we do not log personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. Other information that we do log is what type of operating system you are running. This helps us better suit the site to your machine.


Sometimes sites that are part of the Just Anime Network will run contests. The information given to us during these contests will not be shared with any third party. Information that we will gather during contests would possibly be name, address, and email. That information is only needed to send off prizes to winners. Once a contest has ended, all information collected is destroyed.


Just Anime Network's sites sometimes offer a newsletter. For the newsletter we ask for your email address. This information is to help us send out the newsletter to you. Your email address is not shared with anyone.


The Just Anime Network offers public forums. To find out the policies on our forums, please read our Terms of Service.

How to Contact Us:

Please look at our contacts page to find out how to contact us.